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Affinity Group Guide


Q: What are the benefits of affinity groups?

  • Focused collaborations on areas that people care about.

  • Organic leadership opportunities for career-building.

  • Communication tools and possibly coordination.

  • Access to the slack channel, locale, and participation from the community.

Q: Who can join an affinity group? 

  • Type 1 - Anyone with an account on the portal, which allows us to provide affinity groups as a service to the greater community.

  • Type 2 - Only individuals that are also members of a particular program or programs (ie Campus Champions, Cyberteam, etc) may join.

Q: Who approves the request to join an affinity group?

  • Type 1 - Anyone can join!

  • Type 2 - Anyone can request to join, but must be approved by the affinity group coordinator.

Q: How do I create a new affinity group?

  • Submit a form with the following pieces of information:

  1. Name of submitter 
  2. Names of two coordinators  
  3. Minimum of three people in the group
  4. Description of group
  5. Logo if appropriate
  6. Existing locale, slack channel, and email list
  • Affinity Group creation requests will be reviewed and approved within 5 working days of the submission.

Q: How do I invite people to join my affinity group once it has been created?

  • Type 1

    • Send a notice to colleagues, mailing lists, etc of people that might be interested and invite them to join the affinity group. They will need to create a portal account (directly, or via google or cilogin) if they don’t have one, and then can then click on Join on the affinity group listing. They will appear as a member immediately after clicking Join

    • You can also use tags to identify people in the portal that might be interested in your affinity group. Click on a tag to see a listing of everyone in the portal that the tag in their profile. You can then request a mailing list of everyone that has the relevant tags checked from any regional admin or steering committee member.

  • Type 2

    • Same as above except that they will not appear in the affinity group as a member until an Affinity Group Coordinator has approved the request.

Q: What are the expectations of an affinity group coordinator?

  • Make sure the group is active, engaged, and contributing to the broader community through any vehicle that works

  • Monitor and review new applicants for the group

  • Identify/Host networking and social events for the group.

Q: What are the expectations of an affinity group member?

  • As an affinity group member, you will be expected to attend meetings, be engaged, and contribute to the group.

Q: How does an affinity group get closed out?

  • We will monitor activity with google analytics or some other metrics and notify the affinity group leader if it looks like it is not going anywhere.