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Mentors and Regional Facilitators
Name Region Skills Interests
Adrian Del Maestro Northeast
Aaron Jezghani Campus Champions
Andrew Pasquale ACCESS CSSN, At-Large, Campus Champions
Bala Desinghu CAREERS
Brian Gregor Northeast, Campus Champions
Michael Blackmon Campus Champions
Brett Milash RMACC
Kevin Bryan Campus Champions
Carrie Brown Great Plains
Christina Divoll Campus Champions, ACCESS CSSN
Christopher Bl… Campus Champions
Cody Stevens Campus Champions
David Oury Northeast
Davide Del Vento
Daniel Howard RMACC, Campus Champions, ACCESS CSSN
Edwin Posada Campus Champions
George Young CAREERS
Craig Gross Campus Champions
Ibrahim Sheikh CAREERS
Yu-Chieh Chi Campus Champions
James Deaton Campus Champions, Great Plains, ACCESS CSSN
Jordan Hayes Campus Champions
Jacob Pessin Northeast
Jason Wells Campus Champions
John Goodhue CAREERS, Northeast
Juan Vanegas Northeast
Jeffrey Weekley Campus Champions
Jason Yalim Campus Champions
Jacob Fosso Tande Campus Champions
Kali McLennan Campus Champions, Great Plains
Keri Toksu Northeast, Campus Champions
Katherine Nelson Campus Champions, CAREERS, ACCESS CSSN
Kenneth Bundy CAREERS
Lakitha Wijeratne TRECIS
Thomas Langford Campus Champions, CAREERS
Lauren Hill-Beaton CAREERS
shuai liu ACCESS CSSN
Martin Cuma RMACC
Michael Kyle Campus Champions
Michael Puerrer Campus Champions, Northeast
Maryam Taeb
Nicholas Danes Campus Champions, MINES
Nick Dusek Campus Champions
Nicholas Panchy Campus Champions
Mahmoud Parvizi Campus Champions
Mark Perri Campus Champions
Paul Rulis Campus Champions
Mike Renfro Campus Champions
Ron Rahaman Campus Champions
Sean Anderson Campus Champions
Grant Scott Great Plains
Shawn Doughty Campus Champions, Northeast
Shane Sanders Campus Champions
Simon Delattre
Spencer Pruitt Northeast
Sumit Saluja Campus Champions
Swabir Silayi Campus Champions
Shawn Sivy Campus Champions, CAREERS
Steve Spicklemire Campus Champions
Tyler Burkett Kentucky
Timothy Middelkoop Campus Champions, Great Plains, ACCESS CSSN
Wirawan Purwanto Campus Champions, Northeast
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Affinity Groups

Name Description Tags Join
AI Institutes Cyberinfrastructure logo AI Institutes Cyberinfrastructure Gathering place for AI researchers to find curated information about using ACCESS resources for AI applications and research. ai, machine-learning, gpu, python
Name Roles Skills Interests
Andrew Cheng
student facilitator
Alex Flosdorf
student facilitator
Amogh Sarangdhar
student facilitator
Anish Gaikwad
student facilitator
Andrew Pasquale
Ahamed Arafaat…
student facilitator
Arvind Sai Che…
student facilitator
Bala Desinghu
Bill Ni
student facilitator
Carrie Brown
steering committee
Joseph Antonucci
student facilitator
Chitral Samala
student facilitator
Christopher Nadeau
student facilitator
Carlos Paniagua
Daniel Evans
Denis Kornev
cheng fang
student facilitator
George Young
Girish Ganesan
student facilitator
Gregory Ezike
student facilitator
Hao Zheng
student facilitator
Hening Cui
student facilitator
Hyungil Kye
student facilitator
Ibrahim Sheikh
student facilitator
regional facilitator
Iryna Chornopys
student facilitator
Ifeoma Ugwuanyi
student facilitator
Jaini Bhavsar
student facilitator
Jaivik Patel
student facilitator
Jason Diaz
student facilitator
Juan Florentino
student facilitator
John Acheampong
student facilitator
Jesse Sandberg
student facilitator
John Goodhue
steering committee
Kenneth Acosta
student facilitator
Katie Salas
student facilitator
Katherine Nelson
steering committee
Kenneth Bundy
Krutika Patel
student facilitator
Thomas Langford
Lauren Hill-Beaton
Lenore Martin
Dylan Le
student facilitator
Minxiu Shi
student facilitator
Madhukara Keku…
student facilitator
Nihar Biradar
student facilitator
Parth Shah
student facilitator
Qingdou Han
student facilitator
Parameshwaran …
student facilitator
Richard Le
student facilitator
Richa Gautam
student facilitator
Ritesh Bachhar
student facilitator
Rob Coyne
Ryan De Lorenzo
student facilitator
Yuan Qu
student facilitator
Santhosh Alagi…
student facilitator
Siddh Agarwal
student facilitator
Sander Cohen-Janes
student facilitator
Shagesh Sridharan
student facilitator
Suhong Li
Matthew Smalley
student facilitator
Stanley Nwoji
Seth Rosen
student facilitator
Sydney Shearer
student facilitator
Shawn Sivy
Ying-Chih Sun
student facilitator
Tejasvi Munge
student facilitator
William Feng
student facilitator
Wyatt Carbonell
student facilitator
Xuejing Wang
student facilitator

CI Links

Title Category Tags Skill Level
HPC University Learning python, r, matlab, mpi, compiling, debugging, professional-development Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
Using Dask on HPC Systems Learning PROFESSIONAL and WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT, technical-training-for-hpc, jupyterhub, python Beginner, Intermediate
Cornell Virtual Workshop Learning performance-tuning, python, r, matlab, slurm, mpi, cuda, file-transfer, globus Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
Quick and Robust Data Augmentation with Albumentations Library Tool deep-learning, python Advanced, Expert
GPU Computing Workshop Series for the Earth Science Community Learning optimization, performance-tuning, profiling, parallelization, github, pytorch, tensorflow, oceanography, gpu, hpc-arch-and-perf, PROFESSIONAL and WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT, technical-training-for-hpc, PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES FRAMEWORKS AND IDEs, c, c++, fortran, cuda, jupyterhub, programming, programming-best-practices, python Beginner
HPCwire Website documentation, bioinformatics, pytorch, data-science, hpc-operations, technical-training-for-hpc, programming, programming-best-practices, python Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
Using Linux commands in a python script (and the difference between the subprocess and os python modules) Learning programming, python Beginner, Intermediate
MDAnalysis - Python library for the analysis of molecular dynamics simulations Tool computational-chemistry, materials-science, python Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
CUDA Toolkit Documentation Documentation documentation, c, c++, fortran, python Intermediate, Advanced
Python Learning python Beginner
Python Tools for Data Science Video Link ai, big-data, data-analysis, machine-learning, data-wrangling, data-science, technical-training-for-hpc, training, workforce-development, python, scikit-learn, sql Intermediate
NCSA HPC Training Moodle Learning performance-tuning, profiling, parallelization, lustre, PROFESSIONAL and WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT, technical-training-for-hpc, training, workforce-development, openmp, python, mpi, cybersecurity Beginner, Intermediate
Applications of Machine Learning in Engineering and Parameter Tuning Tutorial Learning data-analysis, machine-learning, python Beginner, Intermediate
Automated Machine Learning Book Learning ai, data-analysis, deep-learning, machine-learning, neural-networks, python, r Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
Setting up PyFR flow solver on clusters Learning faster, computational-fluid-dynamics, c++, cuda, python, mpi, software-installation Advanced
Introduction to Python for Digital Humanities and Computational Research Documentation ai, big-data, data-analysis, deep-learning, data-science, python Beginner
AHPCC documentary Documentation login, batch-jobs, slurm, bash, ssh, python, mpi Beginner, Intermediate
Recommended Libraries for Cyberinfrastructure Users Developing Jupyter Notebooks Website ANALYSES and ALGORITHMS, ai, big-data, data-analysis, machine-learning, data-sharing, data-lifecycle, data-management, data-management-software, data-reproducibility, data-wrangling, github-pages, workflow, FIELD of SCIENCE, astrophysics, data-science, computational-chemistry, genomics, materials-science, gravitational-waves, oceanography, particle-physics, physiology, psychology, quantum-computing, quantum-mechanics, biology, GATEWAYS and PORTALS, science gateway, conda, jupyterhub, python Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
Project Title Sort descending Project Institution Project Owner Tags Status
An optimized search algorithm for gravitational waves from post-merger remnants University of Rhode Island Gaurav Khanna astrophysics, conda, cuda, gpu, parallelization, python Complete
Assembly and Taxonomic Profiling of Metagenomic Sequences using Deep Learning University of Rhode Island Gaurav Khanna ai, bioinformatics, biology, deep-learning, gpu, hardware, machine-learning, neural-networks, python Complete
Calculation of Polymer Hydrophobicity Penn State-New Kensington Rob Mathers cleanup, git, github, optimization, python Complete
Deep convolutional neural networks (dCNN) for image segmentation, instance labeling, and tracking. University of Delaware Anita Schwartz bash, bioinformatics, computational-chemistry, debugging, machine-learning, programming, python, scripting, slurm, software-installation, tensorflow Complete
Deep learning for biomedical image analysis Southern Connecticut State University Binlin Wu ai, big-data, deep-learning, gpu, machine-learning, matlab, python, tensorflow Complete
Deep-learning facilitated microscopy for the dissection of durable resistance to plant disease. University of Delaware Anita Schwartz deep-learning, python Finishing Up
Developing deep learning algorithms to analyze Raman spectral data for brain cancer diagnosis Southern CT State University Binlin Wu gpu, image-processing, machine-learning, neural-networks, python Halted
Establish Computational Analysis Infrastructure for the CCRI 16-inch Telescope. Community College of Rhode Island Gaurav Khanna astrophysics, data-analysis, git, python, research-facilitation, scripting Complete
Expanding computational resources for gravitational wave detection pipelines in medium-latency and beyond University of Rhode Island Gaurav Khanna ANALYSES and ALGORITHMS, astrophysics, benchmarking, data-transfer, gravitational-waves, parallelization, python, scheduling In Progress
High Performance Computing vs Quantum Computing for Neural Networks supporting Artificial Intelligence Pace University Avery Leider ai, big-data, deep-learning, github, hpc-cluster-architecture, hpc-operations, jupyterhub, machine-learning, natural-language-processing, proposal-development, python, quantum-mechanics, research-facilitation, research-grants, resources, scikit-learn, singularity, technical-training-for-hpc, vectorization Complete
High throughput Python pipeline to identify Horizontal Gene Transfer Cabrini University Vinayak Mathur bioinformatics, biology, data-wrangling, genomics, github, python, workflow Halted
Investigating the Association between Environmental Characteristics and Psychological Well-Being Kean University Galen Collier ai, api, data-analysis, geographic-information-system, image-processing, machine-learning, programming, programming-best-practices, python Complete
Metagenomic analysis to identify gene clusters associated with IgA production SUNY Upstate Medical University Joel Wilmore bioinformatics, biology, genomics, python, r, research-facilitation Finishing Up
Project WiCCED ML University of Delaware Anita Schwartz docker, hadoop, jupyterhub, kubernetes, machine-learning, programming-best-practices, python, r, software-installation, spark, tensorflow, tuning Complete
Remote sensing data management for large-area forest mapping projects University of Maine Kasey Legaard api, data-management, data-sharing, geographic-information-system, python, sql Recruiting
Statistical Analysis of criminal cases in the United States District Court of Puerto Rico Salve Regina University Gaurav Khanna ai, data-analysis, machine-learning, python Complete
Transformer-Models for Translating Tax Code University of Connecticut - Stamford Andrew Sherman ai, natural-language-processing, python In Progress
Understanding Covid-19 Pandemic through Social Media Discussion Bryant University Gaurav Khanna ai, data-analysis, natural-language-processing, programming, programming-best-practices, python Complete
US Tax Code to Natural Language Parsable Data for Programming Languages University of Connecticut - Stamford Katherine Nelson natural-language-processing, python, sql Complete
Vector Representation with a Finance Corpus Rhode Island College Gaurav Khanna bash, batch-jobs, deep-learning, distributed-computing, machine-learning, programming, python, research-facilitation, ssh Complete
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On-line Deep Learning Workshop August 24!

On-line Deep Learning Workshop August 24!

machine-learning, python     SWEETER Project Portal

The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI), the Hewlett Packard Enterprise  Data Science Institute at the University of Houston, the Texas A&M Institute of Data Science, the Texas A&M High Pe

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