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Analyzing NJ COVID-19 responses with Control theory, extending a study from earlier this year. Rutgers-Camden Sean McQuade Data-facing, matlab, programming, programming-best-practices, programming-languages-and-software-support, Researcher-facing, simulations, tools-and-techniques Finishing Up
Amsterdam Modeling Suite Software Usage on Penn State’s Roar Computer Clusters Penn State University - Altoona Campus Jeffrey Nucciarone account, batch-jobs, cluster-support, computational-chemistry, cyberinfrastructure, domain-specific, file-transfer, hpc, hpc-getting-started, hpc-operations, hw-and-sw-integration, job-sizing, Management/Professional Development, pbs, permissions, provisioning, putty, quantum-mechanics, Researcher-facing, scheduler, scheduling, ssh, Systems-facing, technical-training-for-hpc, terminal-emulation-and-window-management, tools-and-techniques, Unclassified In Progress
High Performance Computing vs Quantum Computing for Neural Networks supporting Artificial Intelligence Pace University Avery Leider programming-for-hpc, research-computing, research-facilitation, research-grants, github, big-data, notebooks, Researcher-facing, hpc-getting-started, natural-language-processing, quantum-mechanics, machine-learning, scikit-learn, deep-learning, AI, visualization, tools-and-techniques, resources, singularity, python, research-software, hpc-cluster-architecture, hpc-operations, hpc, vectorization, jupyterhub, proposal-development, technical-training-for-hpc In Progress
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