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The CAREERS Cyberteam Program is a 3-year initiative funded by the National Science Foundation to build a regional pool of Research Computing Facilitators to support researchers at small and mid-sized institutions in Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island, leveraging the work of the Northeast Cyberteam and national programs including XSEDE Campus Champions, CaRCC and others.

Research Computing Facilitators (RCFs) are experts at figuring out how to match the right compute resources to the task at hand, something that can stymie researchers who are, for example, sifting through billions of records to find a specific pattern of genes that correlates with a particular form of cancer; or examining massive quantities of sensor data to understand movements on the sea floor. The RCF’s job is to help make use of local, regional, and national high performance computing resources when computing needs exceed the capacity of the scientist’s desktop.

RCFs can often be found in the research computing groups at large universities and corporations, but are scarce at smaller institutions. Recognizing that promising research can be stopped in its tracks without high performance computing when the need arises, the CAREERS Cyberteam Program was created to fill the gap. Over the next three years, the program will support 72 compute-intensive projects with RCFs-in-training ("students"), each paired with a mentor, to facilitate research computing needs for a 3 month period. RCF students will also have the opportunity to work on a live help desk with a mentor, honing their consultative skills while getting exposure to a broad range of research computing topics.

As part of the program, RCF students will become part of a community of facilitators that has up-to-the-minute visibility into research computing projects and programs taking place in the region. Stipends ranging from $3000-$6500 are available for students participating in the program.

Join the Cyberteam

To join the Cyberteam, you can create an account by clicking "Join" in the top right hand corner of the page. When creating your account, select the account type that best describes your desired role in the Cyberteam (see below for details). Also, when creating your account, select "CAREERS" as the Program.

Researcher/Educator - The researcher/educator role denotes our Project Leaders, who will submit potential projects to the portal. A student and one or more mentors will then join these projects to complete them. Projects are typically 3 or 6 months in length. If the project requires computational resources, the CAREERS program can facilitate access to appropriate resources at one of the anchor institutions. If the project leader already has a mentor and/or student who will complete the project, they can contact us with that information.

Student Facilitator - Student facilitators will apply to a project proposed by one of our project leaders and will work closely with a mentor to complete the project. Projects are either 3 or 6 months in length and student facilitators will receive stipends ranging from $3000-6500, depending on expertise and the length of the project, unless other compensation has been arranged (such as course credit).

Mentor - Mentors are volunteers who work closely with a student facilitator and the associated project leader to complete a project. The mentors provide technical expertise, such as programming skills and HPC experience, as well as facilitation expertise to assist the student in handing-off the deliverables to the project leader at the end of the project.

Get Involved

For Researchers/Educators

After you have logged into your account, browse to the Project page and click the "Add a New Project" button to add your proposed research project.

As with your account, select "CAREERS" as the Program for your project so that it appears in the correct portal.

In addition to the required field denoted with red asterisks, when submitting also provide a Project Image, Tags and at least 3 Milestones, with special attention to an "End" milestone. All other fields can be filled in at a later date with help from your anchor institution leader. If you have any questions about how to fill out the project submission form, feel free to contact us.

For Student Facilitators and Mentors

After you have logged into your account, browse to the Project page. Review the "Recruiting" projects and if you see a project you would like to join, click the "I'm Interested" link. One of the program managers will then be in contact to follow up, set up an interview and connect you to a project.