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Project Title Project Institution Project Owner Tags Status Project Leader
Bias and Fairness in Machine Learning: Identifying Bias Ahmed Rashed machine-learning, natural-language-processing Reviewing Applicants Ahmed Rashed
Steered Molecular Dynamics Simulations on Human beta Defensin Crossing Model Bacterial Lipid Membranes University of Rhode Island Gaurav Khanna molecular-dynamics Reviewing Applicants Liqun Zhang
Effects of wind-wave misalignment on air-sea momentum flux and drag coefficient University of Rhode Island -- Bay Campus Gaurav Khanna oceanography Reviewing Applicants Tetsu Hara
Quantum mechanical simulation of fluorine-containing biomolecules University of Rhode Island Gaurav Khanna quantum-mechanics Reviewing Applicants Fang Wang
Numerical simulation of earthquake cycles on oceanic transform faults University of Rhode Island -- Bay Campus Gaurav Khanna oceanography Reviewing Applicants Matt Wei
Waveform Systematics for Black Hole Binary Mergers Models University of Rhode Island -- Center for Computational Research Gaurav Khanna gravitational-waves Reviewing Applicants Michael Puerrer
Does HPC Offer Advantages in Metabolic Network Modeling, Simulation and Optimization? University of Rhode Island Gaurav Khanna fortran Reviewing Applicants Angelo Lucia
Computational pipelines for the analysis of plastic-degrading genes University of Rhode Island Gaurav Khanna bioinformatics, biology, workflow, workforce-development Reviewing Applicants Ying Zhang
Biogeochemical cycling consequences due to the impacts on the cellular response to warming oceans University of Rhode Island -- Bay Campus Gaurav Khanna oceanography Reviewing Applicants Kei Inomura
Improving earthquake detection and localization with deep learning University of Rhode Island -- Bay Campus Gaurav Khanna oceanography Reviewing Applicants Yang Shen
An Evaluation of Methods for Handling Missing Data in Randomized Controlled Trials with Omitted Moderation Effects University of Rhode Island Gaurav Khanna spss Reviewing Applicants Manshu Yang
Extended Statistical Analysis of criminal cases in the United States District Court of Puerto Rico Providence College Gaurav Khanna data-analysis, data-science Recruiting Michael Chou
A Longitude Study of Global Warming Discussion on Social Media Bryant University Gaurav Khanna big-data, data-analysis, data-science Recruiting Suhong Li
Developing machine learning interatomic potentials for classical molecular dynamics simulations of complex perovskites University of Rhode Island Gaurav Khanna machine-learning, molecular-dynamics Recruiting Ash Giri
Medical Diagnostics of Chest X-Ray Images with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) Kean University Bala Desinghu ai, big-data, gpu On Hold George Avirappattu
Computational Simulation of One-Dimensional Porous Polymers The University at Albany, SUNY Jeremy Feldblyum computational-chemistry, materials-science, monte-carlo In Progress Jeremy Feldblyum
Performance Benchmarks and Optimizations of a Gravitational-Wave Simulation Software LIU Post Steven Liebling astrophysics, c++, matlab In Progress steven liebling
Expanding computational resources for gravitational wave detection pipelines in medium-latency and beyond University of Rhode Island Gaurav Khanna ANALYSES and ALGORITHMS, astrophysics, benchmarking, data-transfer, gravitational-waves, parallelization, python, scheduling In Progress Rob Coyne
Natural Language Processing of a Low Resource Language (Igbo, an African Language) Stanley Nwoji In Progress Stanley Nwoji
Develop a data portal for the organization of molecular and imaging data University of Rhode Island -- Bay Campus Gaurav Khanna archiving, aws, bioinformatics, biology, CLOUD, DATA STORAGE MGMT and MVMT, docker, genomics In Progress Ying Zhang
Transformer-Models for Translating Tax Code University of Connecticut - Stamford Andrew Sherman ai, natural-language-processing, python In Progress Phillip Bradford
Remote sensing data management for large-area forest mapping projects University of Maine Kasey Legaard api, data-management, data-sharing, geographic-information-system, python, sql In Progress Kasey Legaard
Novel Transformer based methods for Automatic Classification and Quantification of Stromule Dynamics from Microscopy Images University of Delaware Anita Schwartz bioinformatics In Progress Chandra Kambhamettu
Physical chemistry studies of environmental pollutant transformations: SIMION modeling of ion behavior in an electric field New Jersey Institute of Technology Galen Collier computational-chemistry, particle-physics, programming, scripting Halted Alexei Khalizov
Delaware Microbiome Mapping and Database Development University of Delaware Christina Callahan Halted Christina Callahan
High throughput Python pipeline to identify Horizontal Gene Transfer Cabrini University Vinayak Mathur bioinformatics, biology, data-wrangling, genomics, github, python, workflow Halted Vinayak Mathur
Developing deep learning algorithms to analyze Raman spectral data for brain cancer diagnosis Southern CT State University Binlin Wu gpu, image-processing, machine-learning, neural-networks, python Halted Binlin Wu
Metagenomic analysis to identify gene clusters associated with IgA production SUNY Upstate Medical University Joel Wilmore bioinformatics, biology, genomics, python, r, research-facilitation Finishing Up Joel Wilmore
Simulating 21st century boreal forests and fire with a state-of-the-art process-based model Cary Institute Winslow Hansen biology, cluster-support, dependencies, deployment, netcdf, performance-tuning, r Finishing Up Winslow Hansen
Searching for Signals of Cosmic Anisotropy Connecticut College Michael Seifert Finishing Up Michael Seifert
Deep convolutional neural networks (dCNN) for image segmentation, instance labeling, and tracking. University of Delaware Anita Schwartz bash, bioinformatics, computational-chemistry, debugging, machine-learning, programming, python, scripting, slurm, software-installation, tensorflow Complete Jeffrey Caplan
An optimized search algorithm for gravitational waves from post-merger remnants University of Rhode Island Gaurav Khanna astrophysics, conda, cuda, gpu, parallelization, python Complete Robert Coyne
High Performance Computing vs Quantum Computing for Neural Networks supporting Artificial Intelligence Pace University Avery Leider ai, big-data, deep-learning, github, hpc-cluster-architecture, hpc-operations, jupyterhub, machine-learning, natural-language-processing, proposal-development, python, quantum-mechanics, research-facilitation, research-grants, resources, scikit-learn, singularity, technical-training-for-hpc, vectorization Complete Jonathan Hill
Model Mie scattering and light propagation through a high scattering medium using Monte Carlo simulation Southern Connecticut State University Binlin Wu matlab, monte-carlo, programming, scheduling Complete Binlin Wu
Deep learning for biomedical image analysis Southern Connecticut State University Binlin Wu ai, big-data, deep-learning, gpu, machine-learning, matlab, python, tensorflow Complete Binlin Wu
Optimization of Mouse Social Behavior Data Analyses Pipeline University of Delaware Anita Schwartz bash, batch-jobs, environment-modules, job-sizing, lustre, matlab, nfs, putty, scheduling, sge, slurm, ssh, unix-environment, x11 Complete Josh Neunuebel
Electrostatics of the GABA(A) receptor pore Rutgers University–Camden Galen Collier bash, molecular-dynamics, namd, programming, programming-best-practices, scripting, slurm Complete Grace Brannigan
Parallel analysis of variants in multiple bear genomes: algorithmic solutions Rutgers University–Camden Galen Collier Data-Facing, bioinformatics Complete Andrey Grigoriev
Hybrid systems and LIFE methods for Mycobacterium tuberculosis Rutgers-Camden Sean McQuade matlab Complete Benedetto Piccoli
Analyzing NJ COVID-19 responses with Control theory, extending a study from earlier this year. Rutgers-Camden Sean McQuade matlab, programming, programming-best-practices Complete Benedetto Piccoli
Amsterdam Modeling Suite Software Usage on Penn State’s Roar Computer Clusters Penn State University - Altoona Campus Jeffrey J. Nucciarone batch-jobs, cluster-support, computational-chemistry, file-transfer, hpc-operations, job-sizing, management, pbs, permissions, provisioning, putty, quantum-mechanics, schedulers, scheduling, ssh, technical-training-for-hpc, terminal-emulation-and-window-management Complete Kofi Adu
Project WiCCED ML University of Delaware Anita Schwartz docker, hadoop, jupyterhub, kubernetes, machine-learning, programming-best-practices, python, r, software-installation, spark, tensorflow, tuning Complete Tina Callahan
Host-symbiont population genomics - analyzing the intraspecific variability of methanogenic archaeal endosymbionts of genus Methanocorpusculum hosted by a marine anaerobic ciliate Metopus sp. (Metopida) University of Rhode Island -- Bay Campus Gaurav Khanna bioinformatics, biology, genomics Complete Roxanne Beinart
Assembly and Taxonomic Profiling of Metagenomic Sequences using Deep Learning University of Rhode Island Gaurav Khanna ai, bioinformatics, biology, deep-learning, gpu, hardware, machine-learning, neural-networks, python Complete Ying Zhang
Establish Computational Analysis Infrastructure for the CCRI 16-inch Telescope. Community College of Rhode Island Gaurav Khanna astrophysics, data-analysis, git, python, research-facilitation, scripting Complete Brendan Britton
US Tax Code to Natural Language Parsable Data for Programming Languages University of Connecticut - Stamford Katherine Nelson natural-language-processing, python, sql Complete Phillip Bradford
Calculation of Polymer Hydrophobicity Penn State-New Kensington Rob Mathers cleanup, git, github, optimization, python Complete Rob Mathers
Statistical Analysis of criminal cases in the United States District Court of Puerto Rico Salve Regina University Gaurav Khanna ai, data-analysis, machine-learning, python Complete Carlos Paniagua
Understanding Covid-19 Pandemic through Social Media Discussion Bryant University Gaurav Khanna ai, data-analysis, natural-language-processing, programming, programming-best-practices, python Complete Suhong Li
Developing subject-specific models for the study of traumatic brain injury Robert Morris University Rika Carlsen finite-element-analysis, image-processing, matlab, programming, unix-environment, workflow Complete Rika Carlsen
Investigating the Association between Environmental Characteristics and Psychological Well-Being Kean University Galen Collier ai, api, data-analysis, geographic-information-system, image-processing, machine-learning, programming, programming-best-practices, python Complete Feng Qi
Vector Representation with a Finance Corpus Rhode Island College Gaurav Khanna bash, batch-jobs, deep-learning, distributed-computing, machine-learning, programming, python, research-facilitation, ssh Complete Murat Aydogdu
Coral Genomics: An assessment of metabolic pathways and genes influencing coral bleaching. Implications for the development of hydra as a model organism. Wilmington University Anita Schwartz genomics Complete Milton Muldrow
Deep-learning facilitated microscopy for the dissection of durable resistance to plant disease. University of Delaware Anita Schwartz deep-learning, python Complete Jeffrey Caplan
Predictive Simulation of Pulsed Electric Field Exposure Effects on Vegetable Tissues and Bacterial Suspensions Rowan University Galen Collier Complete Gary Thompson
Detecting Covid-19 Misinformation on Social Media Bryant University Gaurav Khanna ai, bash, batch-jobs, big-data, biology, cuda Complete Suhong Li
Digital Infrastructure for "The North Woods Project" University of Rhode Island Gaurav Khanna DOMAIN SPECIFIC TOOLS, professional-development, research-facilitation Complete Madison Jones
Gravitational-wave Inference with Waveform Uncertainty University of Rhode Island -- Center for Computational Research Gaurav Khanna astrophysics, benchmarking, deep-learning, gravitational-waves, machine-learning Complete Michael Puerrer