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Connect.Cybinfrastructure is a family of portals, each representing a program that is serving a segment of the research computing and data community. Each portal provides program-specific information, as well a custom "view" into a common database. The portal was originally developed to support project workflows and a knowledge base of self service learning resources for the Northeast Cyberteam. Subsequently, it was expanded to provide support to multiple cyberteams and other research computing communities of practice. We welcome additional communities, please contact us if you are interested in participating. Central to the Portal is an extensive and ever-evolving tagging infrastructure which informs every aspect of the Portal. The tag taxonomy was initially developed by the Northeast Cyberteam to categorize subject matter relevant to practitioners of Research Computing Facilitation and is ever changing due to the frequent introduction of new technology in domains that characterize the field of research computing.


CAREERS Cyberteam

Bringing computing support to small to mid-size institutions in the Northeast U.S.

Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island

Great Plains Cyberteam

A distributed mentor-mentee workforce development program that works with institutions within the region that have growing Cyberinfrastructure needs

Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Nebraska, South Dakota
Affiliates in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota

Kentucky Cyberteam

Advanced Computing Resources for Researchers and Educators at Small and Medium Sized Institutions in Kentucky and Surrounding States

Kentucky, Ohio

Northeast Cyberteam

Advanced Computing Resources for Researchers at Small and Medium Sized Institutions in Northern New England

Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont


Advanced Computing Resources for Researchers and Educators at Small and Medium Sized Institutions in the Rocky Mountain Advanced Computing Consortium

Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, Washington

SWEETER Cyberteam

SouthWest Expertise in Expanding, Training, Education and Research

Texas, New Mexico, Arizona

TRECIS Cyberteam

TRECIS provides advanced, collaborative research computing support and CI services for users in the University of Texas System.


MINES Research Computing

Helping Scientists Do Their Science


Campus Champions | Under Development

Collaboratively employing advanced computing and data to tackle society’s grand challenges


Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups encourage community members to gather based on common interests such as discipline, technology interests/needs or proximity - (affinities). Below is a list of all existing affinity groups. We are seeking coordinators for any affinity group that has a coordinator with "(acting)" following their name. Please contact if you are interested in learning more!

CAREERS Cyberteam
Great Plains Cyberteam
Kentucky Cyberteam
MINES Cyberteam
Northeast Cyberteam
RMACC Cyberteam
SWEETER Cyberteam
Texas Cyberteam

ArcGIS Users

geographic-information-system, arcgis

People who are users or supporting users of ArcGIS and other geographic information system tools.

Sue Oldenburg

Ask.CI Moderators

community-outreach, professional-development, technical-training-for-hpc, workforce-development

Site Moderators and Locale Moderators for the Ask.CI Q&A platform for Research Computing.

Julie Ma

Campus Champions Region 1

community-outreach, professional-development

Affinity group for legacy Campus Champions Region 1 covering Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington State.

Ben Nickell, Nick Maggio

Campus Champions Region 2


Affinity group for legacy Campus Champions Region 2 covering Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Nevada.

Ruth Marinshaw, Aaron Culich

Campus Champions Region 3


Affinity group for legacy Campus Champions Region 3 covering Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Kevin Brandt

Campus Champions Region 4


Affinity group for legacy Campus Champions Region 4, covering Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas.

Daniel Andresen, BJ Lougee

Campus Champions Region 5


Affinity group for legacy Campus Champions Region 5 covering Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and

Mark Reed

Campus Champions Region 6


Affinity group for legacy Campus Champions Region 6, covering Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virg

Scott Hampton

Campus Champions Region 7


Affinity group for legacy Campus Champions Region 7 covering Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont. 

Scott Yockel, Scott Valcourt


Cloud Computing

cloud, cloud-commercial, cloud-open-source, cloud-storage

People who use or are considering the use of cloud resources for research computing.



Jacob Fosso Tande

Connect CI Alliance


People who have or are thinking about adding a Portal View on

Christopher Simmons, Julie Ma


cybersecurity, cmmc, cui, nist-800-171, nspm-33

For people whose work is impacted by cybersecurity regulations.

Julie Ma (Acting)

Large Data Sets

data-facing, big-data, data-transfer, cloud-storage, ceph, open-storage-network, s3, hpc-storage

For people who evaluate or use storage options for researchers with large data sets. 

Julie Ma (Acting)

Open OnDemand

general, cyberinfrastructure, hpc-tools, batch-jobs, kubernetes, administering-hpc, cluster-management, cluster-support, ondemand, desktop, hpc-operations

For users and facilitators of Open OnDemand. Open OnDemand provides an intuitive, innovative, and interactive interface to remote computing resources. Open OnDemand helps computational researchers and students efficiently utilize remote computing resources by making them easy to access from any device.

Robert Settlage

Quantum Computing


Researchers and enthusiasts interested in discussing quantum computing topics.

Gaurav Khanna

R for HPC


People who use r on HPC systems and want to exchange experiences, best practices and/or collaborate.

Julie Ma (Acting)

RMACC/Campus Champions Region 8

community-outreach, professional-development, workforce-development

Affinity group representing the Rocky Mountain Advanced Computing Consortium and the legacy Campus Champions Region 8.

Becky Yeager, Shelley Knuth

Small Scale Research Computing Groups

A group for people supporting small scale HPC groups at their institution. 

Marcus Bond, BJ Lougee

XSEDE Facilitators


People who use or support people who use XSEDE resources and the XSEDE Resource Allocation System.

Torey Battelle