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Project Title Project Institution Project Owner Tags Status
Deep convolutional neural networks (dCNN) for image segmentation, instance labeling, and tracking. University of Delaware Anita Schwartz Researcher-facing, domain-specific, machine-learning, bioinformatics, computational-chemistry, visualization, programming-languages-and-software-support, scripting, programming, python, bash, hpc, slurm, software-installation, tensorflow, debugging Finishing Up
Deep learning for biomedical image analysis Southern Connecticut State University Binlin Wu AI, big-data, deep-learning, gpus, machine-learning, matlab, python, tensorflow Complete
Project WiCCED ML University of Delaware Anita Schwartz docker, domain-specific, hadoop, jupyterhub, kubernetes, machine-learning, programming-best-practices, programming-languages-and-software-support, python, r, Researcher-facing, software-installation, spark, tensorflow, tuning Complete
Assembly and Taxonomic Profiling of Metagenomic Sequences using Deep Learning University of Rhode Island Gaurav Khanna AI, bioinformatics, biology, deep-learning, domain-specific, gpus, hardware, machine-learning, neural-network, python In Progress
High Performance Computing vs Quantum Computing for Neural Networks supporting Artificial Intelligence Pace University Avery Leider programming-for-hpc, research-computing, research-facilitation, research-grants, github, big-data, notebooks, Researcher-facing, hpc-getting-started, natural-language-processing, quantum-mechanics, machine-learning, scikit-learn, deep-learning, AI, visualization, tools-and-techniques, resources, singularity, python, research-software, hpc-cluster-architecture, hpc-operations, hpc, vectorization, jupyterhub, proposal-development, technical-training-for-hpc In Progress
Statistical Analysis of criminal cases in the United States District Court of Puerto Rico Salve Regina University Gaurav Khanna AI, cyberinfrastructure, data-analysis, machine-learning, python, stats In Progress
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On-line Deep Learning Workshop August 24!

On-line Deep Learning Workshop August 24!

machine-learning, python     SWEETER Project Portal

The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI), the Hewlett Packard Enterprise  Data Science Institute at the University of Houston, the Texas A&M Institute of Data Science, the Texas A&M High Pe

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