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Mentors and Regional Facilitators
Name Region Skills Interests
Michael Strickler Campus Champions, CAREERS
Andy Monaghan RMACC, Campus Champions
Kaylea Nelson Campus Champions, CAREERS
Bill Conn Great Plains
Carrie Brown Great Plains
George Young CAREERS
James Deaton Campus Champions, Great Plains
Juan Vanegas Northeast
Mike Renfro Campus Champions
Charles Forsyth Campus Champions
Kali McLennan Campus Champions, Great Plains
Alexander Pacheco Campus Champions
Jordan Hayes Campus Champions
Christopher Bl… Campus Champions
Neil McGlohon CAREERS
Simon Delattre
Michael Blackmon Campus Champions
Lauren Hill-Beaton CAREERS
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Name Roles Skills Interests
Michael Strickler
Kaylea Nelson
steering committee
Richa Gautam
student facilitator
George Young
Kenneth Acosta
student facilitator
John Acheampong
student facilitator
Ryan De Lorenzo
student facilitator
Madhukara Keku…
student facilitator
Neil McGlohon
steering committee
cheng fang
student facilitator
Lauren Hill-Beaton
Shaswat Dharaiya
student facilitator
Jaini Bhavsar
student facilitator
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