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Mentors and Regional Facilitators
Name Region Skills Interests
Michael Blackmon Campus Champions
Kevin Brandt Campus Champions, Great Plains
Daniel Sierra-Sosa Campus Champions
Ibrahim Sheikh CAREERS
Jeffrey Weekley Campus Champions
shuai liu ACCESS CSSN
Michael Puerrer Campus Champions, Northeast
Maryam Taeb
Nect Admin Great Plains, Northeast, RMACC
Jeffrey J. Nuc… CAREERS
Renos Zabounidis Campus Champions
Grant Scott Great Plains
Shaohao Chen Northeast
Simon Delattre
Yongwook Song Kentucky
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Name Roles Skills Interests
Andrew Cheng
student facilitator
Ahamed Arafaat…
student facilitator
Joseph Antonucci
student facilitator
Denis Kornev
Girish Ganesan
student facilitator
Ibrahim Sheikh
student facilitator
regional facilitator
Paritosh Kaushik
student facilitator
Madhukara Keku…
student facilitator
Mohamed Eltayeb
student facilitator
Jeffrey J. Nuc…
Parth Shah
student facilitator
Parameshwaran …
student facilitator
Yuan Qu
student facilitator
Stanley Nwoji
Seth Rosen
student facilitator
Younes Shafter
student facilitator
Project Title Project Institution Project Owner Tags Status
Gravitational-wave Inference with Waveform Uncertainty University of Rhode Island -- Center for Computational Research Gaurav Khanna astrophysics, benchmarking, deep-learning, gravitational-waves, machine-learning In Progress
Deep-learning facilitated microscopy for the dissection of durable resistance to plant disease. University of Delaware Anita Schwartz deep-learning, python Finishing Up
Deep learning for biomedical image analysis Southern Connecticut State University Binlin Wu ai, big-data, deep-learning, gpu, machine-learning, matlab, python, tensorflow Complete
High Performance Computing vs Quantum Computing for Neural Networks supporting Artificial Intelligence Pace University Avery Leider ai, big-data, deep-learning, github, hpc-cluster-architecture, hpc-operations, jupyterhub, machine-learning, natural-language-processing, proposal-development, python, quantum-mechanics, research-facilitation, research-grants, resources, scikit-learn, singularity, technical-training-for-hpc, vectorization Complete
Assembly and Taxonomic Profiling of Metagenomic Sequences using Deep Learning University of Rhode Island Gaurav Khanna ai, bioinformatics, biology, deep-learning, gpu, hardware, machine-learning, neural-networks, python Complete
Vector Representation with a Finance Corpus Rhode Island College Gaurav Khanna bash, batch-jobs, deep-learning, distributed-computing, machine-learning, programming, python, research-facilitation, ssh Complete
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