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Anish Gaikwad

New Jersey Institute of Technology


HPC Experience

I did a 12-month internship with IXL Center Inc., a company which provides consultation services for clients who want to set up a new business. A client is required to provide ideas pertaining to their business in a poster called Business Opportunity Map (BOM), which allows IXL to formulate a business plan for the client based on the data provided. I was required to automate this process. Working on this project named “Connect the Dots", I created a website where the clients could fill the online template of BOM and present the data using the concepts of Data Visualization, which was a new concept for me. After researching and learning, I used the Javascript Library called D3.js to create Visualization in the form of Bubble Charts for each of the 5 categories of BOM. On selecting the bubble, the software will create a business plan in the form of a flowchart. This project helped the company to provide the business plan in just 1 to 2 months from the earlier 6 to 12 months.

To further improve the process of "Connect the Dots" and to eliminate manual verification and analysis of the data filled by the client through online BOM, I developed a feature where the system would convert the handwritten data of the BOM poster that would be uploaded as an image by the client, into the digital text. The system would then use this text to populate the online BOM template which then will be converted into Visualization. For this I created a feature using Optical Character Recognition, a Machine Learning algorithm, to process the output of the OCR algorithm using a customized data cleaning program and converted it into CSV format suitable for the data visualization process. Following is the sample link of my project.