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As Demand Increases, More Computer Help for Scientists

Jul 8, 2020
Yale School of Engineering & Applied Science

Large-scale computers - so-called cluster machines formed from thousands of computers behaving as one - have become increasingly critical to numerous fields of research in the last several years. The complexity of the machines makes them difficult to use efficiently, so for assistance in using them, scientists often work with a research computing facilitator (RCF). 

The demand, however, has led to a shortage of RCFs at many universities. With that in mind, the Yale Center for Research Computing (YCRC) is working with six other institutions to help prepare college students for careers as RCFs. The YCRC, which was recently awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant, will also create a regional network of RCFs to give researchers at smaller universities more access to the kind of computing expertise that they need. 

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